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10gen develops and supports MongoDB – the open source, high performance, scalable, document-oriented database. 10gen delivers technical support, professional services, and training for commercial-grade deployments of MongoDB

2x Software

2x Software offers tailor-made, easy-to-implement and cost-effective server based and virtual computing solutions, including the award-winning 2X VirtualDesktopServer and 2X ApplicationServer, as well as the 2X ThinClientServer and 2X LoadBalancer. With their trademark affordability and simplicity, as well as the unique 2X per-server licensing model, 2X products unlock the full potential of virtualization platforms by improving desktop ...


AppFirst is a SaaS-based application monitoring tool that provides complete visibility of an application, helping companies proactively identify and address potential performance issues, plan for future growth, and gain understanding of their application's execution.

C12G Labs

C12G Labs is the company behind the OpenNebula open-source toolkit for cloud computing. C12G provides enterprise-grade solutions around OpenNebulaPro, which is a stable, certified, and supported distribution of OpenNebula. C12G offers a comprehensive set of services, through which customers and partners can get production level support or build a custom cloud

Cirrus Computing

Cirrus Computing provides a complete “organization in the cloud” packaged from the world's leading open source, including networks, desktops, and applications. Access is on virtual Ubuntu desktops from any computer anywhere over the Internet, providing the best user interface available in the cloud. Scaling the organization up or down can be done with a mouse-click.


Couchbase is the name of the NoSQL database company and product family created through the merger of CouchOne and Membase. Couchbase products, which are built on Apache CouchDB, Membase, and memcached open source software, represent the most comprehensive family of data management solutions for building scalable web and mobile applications.

K7 CloudSolutions Pvt

K7 CloudSolutions Pvt Turn public or private clouds into PaaS offerings easily with K7 Cloud's Cyclozzo. Cyclozzo is designed to easily accommodate future PaaS standards. Currently, Cyclozzo fully re-implements Google(TM) App Engine's Java and Python APIs, enabling users to migrate applications to and from GAE and Cyclozzo without changing application code.


Karmasphere is a Big Data Intelligence software company bringing Apache Hadoop power to the desktop. Karmasphere Studio takes developers and architects from learning to production quality development and is available in free Community and Professional editions. Karmasphere Analyst gives analysts easy, familiar, graphical SQL access to big data in Hadoop.


Linbit has led the way in high-availability (HA) since 2001, and continues to be the OSS leader in business uptime, disaster recovery, and continuity solutions. DRBD is the industry standard for HA and data redundancy for mission critical systems. DRBD enables disaster recovery and HA for any application on Linux.


Nuxeo Nuxeo provides a modular, extensible Java-based open source software platform for enterprise content management and packaged applications for document management , digital asset management and case management. Designed by developers for developers, the Nuxeo platform offers modern technologies, a powerful plugin model and extensive packaging capabilities for building modern content applications.


OpServices is an enterprise dedicated to IT Governance and IT infrastructure and business process monitoring. Created in 2003, offers services and products for the control of availability, performance and security of all the informatizing elements (IT) and sustain those processes, such as communication and energy networks, data banks, operational machines, etc. Its main product is the ...


Smartscale transforms the cloud by integrating automation, mobility and collaboration into a highly scalable cloud management platform. Your team is mobile and your cloud manager should help them engage anytime, anywhere – only Smartscale’s collaborative One Click Data Center runs on popular pads and smartphones helping you save time and money when you move to the ...

Spark Integration Technologies Inc

Spark Integration Technologies Inc a maker of Distrix, is the world leader in distributed information exchange software. Distrix is a multi-platform, rapid development environment for cross-platform, network-centric systems. Used in mission critical, real time systems and large scale sensor networks, the Distrix model-driven development approach accelerates network-centric systems development.


Unoware provides enterprise-level business and IT solutions, considering the lowest total cost of ownership. Using a pack of software-based solutions, we help your company achieve the best effort possible considering the QoS required within a competitive market. Our solutions implement the best standards for SOA, BPM and EAM, considering virtualization and high-availability run times, running entirely ...


UShareSoft simplifies software governance and application migration for the cloud. UShareSoft's UForge Appliance Factory enables "à la carte" software delivery by automating the creation and maintenance of image templates on any OS for any cloud, virtual or physical format. UForge Elastic Appliances are self-deployable images that automatically configure mult-tier software solutions in minutes.

Xcelerit computing ltd

Xcelerit computing ltd provides an SDK that boosts the performance of processing-intensive applications. It seamlessly leverages the full processing power of workstations and clusters with multi-core CPUs, GPUs, or other specialised processors. This is achieved with a single source code and without the need to specifically address parallelism (e.g. threads, synchronisation, etc.).